First Day

Today my eldest started second grade. I now officially am old. (At least according to my kids.Ed-In my son’s defense, he read this and said, “you’re not old, Mom!”) Here he is in all his almost-7-year-old glory:

Only one more month to go before his birthday. What am I going to do? And how can I stand this cuteness on a daily basis, and not squeeze those cheeks? (I apparently was meant to be an annoying distant relative, only seen on major holidays.)
And yes, he just lost his first tooth. He was very excited about it. The tooth fairy paid him a visit, and left him with a 50 cent piece. I’m dreading the possibility that he will loose his teeth the same way he got them: all at once. He literally went from no teeth to 5 teeth within the space of about a week. At nine months old. Immediately after minor surgery. On a holiday weekend. It was fun.

So the next time you see this guy, ask him how school’s going, and count his teeth. They may not be there very much longer.

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