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On the December Daily Bandwagon.

cover detail
I have been meaning to write this all month so that if anyone wanted to play along with us, they’d be able to. However, we’re all familiar with the problems of even the best-laid plans, so it’s no surprise my haphazard planning has led me to post this at the last minute.

For those who are not familiar with it, Ali Edwards has been running, or perhaps instigating, a December Daily Scrapbook group for three years now. She has put together a flickr group, and posts her planning, designing, and creating process on her blog. For info about this year’s group go to her blog. That will give you all the information you need to play along if you want.

This will be the second year I do this. Last year I did not manage to take a photo every day, but I got photos and story for most days. I thought I’d share what I did with you. I’ll also post before and after photos for this year’s book on my flickr page (link on right) and try to update here on a regular basis.
December Daily 08 cover

I used a planner from Martha Stewarts’ craft line, and added a bunch of different papers to try to achieve an eclectic look. I may have only made it to “hodge podge,” but I like it. Of course there are some pages I like more than others. I’m only including the ones I found interesting here:

interior page
I loved using the acetate overlays and plain pages. They added a fun element of depth and unexpected layers. Here’s a couple more from later in the month:

cookie day

2 pages with rubons

Grunge board page

And page 14? A piece of Tim Holtz’s grungeboard. I love that stuff. I even used craft foam for a couple pages:

Foam page

And I used die cut pages, and shaped my photos to conform:
more shaped pages

Other favorite techniques included full page photos on the backs of single sided papers.
dec 26

back of dec 16

Not all my photos were well composed; some of the ones I used could be considered downright awful, but they documented our life last December. That was the point. To be in the moment, rather than trying to recapture a feeling or thought months after the fact. And to enjoy that moment for what it was, in all its daily messiness. I hope you’ll consider playing along.
dec. 11 detail

I only have duct tape so I can make costumes. And hold doors together until the contractor can get here.

duct tape is your friend
Making Ethan’s Lifesaver costume was very easy. I measured how tall Ethan was from his armpits to his knees, and around his chest, then got a piece of scrap material in those dimensions. I laid out a piece of florist’s wire on each end so I could give the finished piece some shape when I was done. Then I just covered the cloth with two strips of duct tape and used each color in turn.
work in progress
I just taped the sides together on the inside and outside of the tube, then made two straps out of duct tape folded over on itself. (Simon took the photo above. He does a good job for a four year old, don’t you think?)

Candy costume
To make the label, I cut a piece of handmade paper that my sister gave me to approximately the right size, and cut out letters with my little cricut. I think they were 5 and 5.5 inches high, from the Opposites Attract cartridge. I just used a glue stick to attach them, then used a piece of clear shelf liner to attach and cover the whole label on the tube.
And now may I present Darth Vader and his LifeSaver:

Off to trick or treat!

Fully LOADed

Well, I made it. Actually I made a lot. Two twenty page mini albums, 28 more layouts, 5 of which were double paged, for a total of 73 pages done. That’s 131 photos out of my storage albums and onto pages. I need to push myself like this more often. How’s February sound? Anyone want to join us? I’ll be sure to let you know when that starts getting organized.

Anyway, here’s the rest of my LOs for the month.

I was feeling rather worn out and sicky, so I thought about just slapping a photo on some cardstock and calling it done. Then I thought, what about using labels to make a photo mat, and it just snowballed from there. This has an awful lot of stuff on it for a slap it on the page kind of day. Oh, and have I mentioned how much I love grungeboard and stickles? Cos I do.
LOAD Oct 28 2009

This photo has been sitting on my desk for weeks, calling me. I scanned it before I put it on the page, and then had fun weaving some patterned paper scraps together. I’m really loving these particular letter rubons. Getting them on clearance at AC Moore’s may have something to do with that.
LOAD Oct 29 2009

This is an inside joke for the adults; my kids will never know the pleasure of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Since some days seem like I’m living in a zoo (Who am I kidding? Most days…) I thought the nature documentary style journaling would be appropriate.
LOAD Oct 30 2009
And here’s today’s page. I figured I’d do a Halloween page and get in the spirit. After all Halloween may be the most important holiday for us, since if it weren’t for a Halloween party thirteen years ago tomorrow, I wouldn’t have met my husband. He was a pseudo-french intellectual with the Communist Manifesto under his arm, and a cigarette in a cigarette holder. I was the night sky. We’ve been together ever since.
LOAD Oct 31 2009

That’s all I’ve got for now. Look for a wonders of duct tape as costume material post soon. You too can be a GIANT roll of LifeSavers.