Monthly Archives: June 2011

Status Report

My to-do list is certainly not shrinking. Last month was super hectic, and I managed to miss a number of things, in spite of having them on my agenda. (I suppose it would help if I had them in my agenda on the correct day.)
Every day has been very busy, but because of the nature of the things I am doing, I have to frequently switch gears. I finally got one thing on my to-do list checked off today: Ethan’s room has been decluttered. Well, except for the two boxes of books and the trunk full of toys that need to be carted up to the attic. But that’s 5 minutes work, unlike most of the other tasks that keep piling up.
So let’s list this month’s highlights, and see how I do getting them done.

1. More cleaning and decluttering. I think I’ll tackle Simon’s room next. And then the dining room and back porch.
2. Painting. I still need to paint the hall, but Jonathan put his last coat of spackle on today, so I should be able to get to that this week.
3. Replacing the paneling in the downstairs bath. What’s there now is just ugly. I hope what’s under it is okay, so I can have beadboard paneling on the bottom and paint on top, but we’ll see.
4. Yearbook. I’ll need to place the order this week, so we can have it before school gets out.
5. Another PTA meeting. And RIF, because last month didn’t work for the kids. Can you say state testing? I think I hate state testing.
6. My craft room! I have left this to last, and have been piling more and more stuff in there as I find more things that should probably live there.
7. There’s more, like this month’s open house and scrapbook social, but those are fun things comparatively speaking.

I just want to be done.

I think I need some curled up with a silly book time, but I’m under a self-imposed time crunch, so it will have to wait until all the big projects are on their way to done.

Speaking of big projects, can anyone recommend a good housecleaning company?