Monthly Archives: October 2007

Cat in the box!

Just a gratuitous cat picture to keep my sister up to date on kitten well-being. We got a package from my brother today, and as soon as the box was emptied and set on the floor Henrietta hopped in and made herself comfortable. Who needs cat toys when you’ve got boxes?

Halloween Prep

So we decided to have a Halloween party instead of a birthday party for Ethan this year. We’ve been getting costumes ready this week. Ethan is going to be a soldier (aka knight) and Simon is going to be a Hot Wheels driver. We finished the costumes today for the most part, and I thought I’d share them.

This is Simon’s car. We made it from a cardboard box and duct tape and picnic ware. I think it’s one handsome little car. All we’ve got to add is some shoulder straps so that Simon can stand and carry the car, instead of driving around on his knees.
I made Ethan a tunic from some fabric that looks rather chainmail-y that he can wear under his breast plate. Mom made him a stick horse that looks really cute. He gave it a good gallop across the living room earlier this evening. I’ll try to post a picture of that later.
Well, we’ve got games planned, and a few kids have called and emailed to let me know they’re coming. Hopefully they’ll all have a grand old time. We’ll have rice krispy treats and cookies and juice boxes, and I’ll send them all home wired. It’ll be great.

Fun is Energizing

So last night, instead of folding laundry or picking up the fallout from my kids I played in my craft room. I made the excuse that it was a Halloween decoration, and that it needed to be done before our costume party. That was just an excuse. I really needed to feel a little creative and fun, and relax with some paper and glue.

What I made was a cute little Halloween House with a kit from Doodlebug Designs, and papers from Rusty Pickle. I got out my decorative edge scissors, and some ribbon and stickers and my favorite spider stamp. With the help of my detail scissors and an exacto knife, I gave the ghost and one of the skeletons a little dimension, and turned some cute buttons into pumpkins and a doorknob.
I think it came out well, considering I do not own a glue gun. And I got a huge load of dishes done. I think I need to do more crafting, so I don’t mind the housework.

Simon’s Style

This really illustrates Simon’s way of doing things. He isn’t any more messy than any other 2 year old. In fact, he seems to really have a thing for putting things in order. Notice the stacked stamps? That was entirely his doing, I had nothing to do with it. I’m just glad I noticed it when he was done with his stamping. He puts thing in order all the time. When my brother was here, and they were playing “Hot Wheels! Beat that!” his favorite part was parking the cars:

He got very mad at his brother when the cavalry would ride in and crash through all the cars. Of course, when it’s your birthday and you’ve just gotten this:

It’s very hard to resist using your brand new soldiers to create havoc at the parking garage.

And on that note, Happy Birthday you wonderful 6-year-old! Have another piece of birthday pie!