Monthly Archives: July 2008

Love this layout!

I had to do something with the photos I took of Josefine, and I had some lovely Heidi Grace papers I wanted to use. I’ve been looking for an excuse to use some Stampin Up Rub ons, and I found some alpha stickers that I hadn’t been able to come up with a use for before now. Fran, one of the women who also teaches at JoAnn’s kindly gave me the glitter stickers, which added just the right touch of glam. And the buttons were the final touch.What do you think? I thought it came out nice. Oh, and the felt flowers and ribbons were from the dollar bins at Target. Yay Target! On a trying to be more thrifty (but not doing too well) note, I used a left over piece of cardstock to mat the picture on the left. This is the back. Jess and Jason might recognize the letters, since I used them on a Christmas gift for them 2 years ago. And yes, I do keep everything. I have a box full of baby food jars in the attic that I just know I’m going to find a use for someday, just wait and see.

Lazy Sunday

Today has been a weird mix of indolence and productivity. I did 6 zillion loads of laundry (only slightly exaggerating) and never got out of my pajamas. I worked on a layout, and still managed to fit in some reading and also waste time on the computer. I did no dishes (Have I mentioned I hate dishes? No sooner do I get caught up on all the dishes, when some one decides to make something and not clean up after themselves. In spite of the sign.) but did give the kids a bath. Like I said. Lazy Sunday, but strangely productive. How was your weekend?

Introducing Josefine!

Meet my new niece, Josefine. She was born June 26, a whopping 5 pounds, one and a half ounces. She’s cute! And tiny. And the collecting of future blackmail pictures has already begun 😉

Page Review

I just thought I’d share with you one of the scrapbook layouts I’ve done. I’ll occasionally post more, when I think something I’ve done is interesting or pretty.
The letter stickers are some I’d gotten for the kids one time, but on seeing them again, realized they’d go perfectly with this picture. The “attack” letters are some of Tim Holtz’ grungeboard. I love his stuff. The stamps are from Close to my Heart. The stamps from CTMH are clear polymer, and are very sticky. They can be a little difficult to peel off the storage sheet. But they do have some nice designs. The papers are from DieCuts With a View. While I’m at it, I’ll post one of Ethan, too. Here:

Either Mom or I took this photo when she was having her pond installed. These are all Angel Company papers and stamps, and the transparent shapes are from Heidi Grace/Fiskars. I love this paper. I want about ten pieces of this exact paper, but I’d have to buy 10 sets to get that. And while all the papers and tags in the set are beautiful, they don’t make me say “I need you” like this particular design does. Oh well. Reason not to spend money.

Hope you like the pages 😀

I got lucky!

So I read a few different scrapbooking and stamping blogs, and sometimes the ones hosted by people with connections in the industry have giveaways. Sometimes the winners are chosen by the host, and sometimes they use random chance.

Tim Holtz had a giveaway last week of various Ranger products. I won a complete set of the distress inks. So completely cool and amazing. They arrived today. Look:
How cool is that? What do you think I should do first? I’m thinking grungeboard or chipboard. What do you think?

Does this make me a bad person?

So today’s been pretty rotten. I’m sick, I’m tired and grumpy, and I didn’t sleep well. (Okay who’s playing the world’s smallest violin? Louder now!)

The point is that I’m not dealing well with being a Mom today, ie telling my 3-year old to stop crying because it’s just a scrape on top of the scrape he got yesterday, and keep walking cos I can’t walk dog, and carry him and keep his big brother going too when I’m sick. It’s just pain! Suck it up and deal.

Anyway, after dinner we go outside and play with chalk on the sidewalk. The dog tries to eat some chalk, and in playing keep away, I notice the chalk leaves nice bright lines on his black coat. So I write DOG on both sides of Connor, and am beset by helpless giggles.

Does that make me a bad person?