Monthly Archives: March 2008

Before and After

Did I say it was spring? Well I lied! I looked out the window this morning, and this is what I saw:

Simon was mildly distressed about the whole snow thing, and then he decided we should go outside and have a snowball fight. Which we did. Well, the outside part, but we ended up shoveling the front steps instead.

So here’s another before and after for you:

Which one do you like better? I think my husband looks better with the facial hair, but he’s a lot nicer to kiss without it. Although, it may just be that he needs a haircut. Okay, where’s my clippers? Honey?

Spring is coming!

I went outside to do some measuring of the fence to figure out how much I would need to buy to repair one side, and put a gate on the other side of the yard, and look what I found! I love crocuses. They’re a wonderful spring surprise, since I’m never really expecting them when they arrive.

For the two people who read this blog who aren’t family, we’ve got big news! I’m going to be an Aunt! My brother and his wife are expecting their first baby in August. Here’s my bro practicing his baby skills with his dog Brownie:

And last but not least, check out my new glasses! Do they make me look more hip? Or are they just loud? What do you think?

Oh, and I’ve been dieting for 4 weeks now, and I’ve lost 13 pounds. Let me hear the applause, people!

Easter Baskets

Well, we didn’t do much for Easter, except have baskets for the kids and color eggs. Ethan really got into the spirit of coloring eggs this year. I had fun coming up with something other than a chocolate rabbit for their baskets. Simon has been asking me to read Max’s Chocolate Chicken repeatedly, so I went looking for a chocolate chicken and found a very cute one at Walmart of all places. And, since Ethan has decided he doesn’t really like chocolate, I made him a rice krispy treat. See if you can figure out what it is:

Yes, it’s a rice krispy treat castle! Just what every sword mad 6-year-old needs. Don’t you wish you had one? I’m such a good mom.

Shameless Self Promotion

So, I’ve decided I’ve got to make my paper crafting obsession pay for itself. To that end I’ve done some things, and am planning on doing a few more to try to drum up some business.


Signed up as an Angel Company demonstrator. They have beautiful stamps and papers, and a very generous attitude towards crafters using their images in handmade items. I’ll eventually sign up to use their online store as well, so people can order from me directly online. For now though, if any one needs any stamps or papers, you can email me. 🙂

Started teaching at the local JoAnn’s etc. I’ve only taught a few classes, but I’m starting to get into the swing of things, and my class sizes are increasing! (From one to four, but hey, any increase is a good increase at this stage of the game.)

In the Pipeline:

Putting out flyers and handing out catalogs to anyone who will take one. I’m almost done with making a small pile, then I have to figure out where to put them. I’ve also been handing out business cards any time I can think of an excuse to give one out.

To Do:

Make samples/ put together a sample file of cards, scrapbooks, and classes. I’ll have hard copies, photos, and then I’ll put them online as well. I’ve got some together now, but this really needs to be much more organized.

Keep entering contests. I really want to get published. (I know, so do half the other papercrafters out there.)

Publish instructions for projects with pictures, so if any of you are feeling the need to play with paper, maybe I can help you with some ideas and how-tos.

A little further out:

Check out etsy. Selling cards and scrapbooking stuff online. Why not?

Look into craft fairs and shows in the area. I’ve got to try to sell myself. I’ve never been really good about that, but I’m working on it.

So, that’s what I’m working on. Wish me luck!