Monthly Archives: March 2009

Too Many Plates

I had a bunch of posts planned for this month, but life has just gotten a little too complicated to keep up with the fun (read non-stressful) things. To give you an idea of the things that have been happening around here:

My oven decided it didn’t want to light anymore. Stovetop, fine, broiler, good to go, but bake anything, NO WAY!

My washing machine decided (at 13 months of ownership) that it didn’t like where it was, and started vibrating/walking all over the place.

My computer, with all my pictures on it, wouldn’t turn on. It was just the power supply, but I went out and got an external hard drive and backed up all my favorite photos and uploaded them to an online site as soon as I got it back.

My dog, while fooling around in the backyard by himself, managed to stab himself in the chest with a 6 foot long tree limb. $500 and a few sleepless nights later, and he’s fine.

My mother, who’s been doctoring for heart trouble for a few years now, was told by her doctor that she needs to do open heart surgery within the next 2 months. I’m trying to talk her into getting a tattoo when it’s all over.

My mother-in-law, who had been sick since Thanksgiving time, was finally diagnosed with cancer in February. It had spread from her colon, to her liver, and into fluid around her lungs. The weekend before she was to start chemo, she passed away. Her memorial service is tomorrow.

So that’s why I’ve been unable to keep up with the blogging and writing lately, in spite of it being one of my resolutions for the year. Here’s hoping we have some wonderful, positive things coming our way soon.