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Compare and Contrast


Are you sure Simon looks like me and Ethan looks like Jonathan? Cos, well, I think they look like each other.

Same expression, different kid!
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Kitten and Kid Update

I just have to share some so-so pictures with you. Kids and Kittens are being excessively cute lately.

Please meet Henrietta and Toby (short, of course, for Tobias). Our kids wanted to name them Pie (the tiny one my sister conned my husband into taking) and Joshua (the gray stray that appeared on our porch the other day.) But my husband took one look at baby stinky butt kitty (she’s only five weeks old, and not good at cleaning her butt yet) and decided she really ought to be called Henrietta. And then we remembered our Thomas the Tank Engine. Henrietta–Toby the Tram Engine’s coach! We have a winner! (Joshua was just too awkward to call out the back door.) Here’s a slightly closer shot of kitten cuteness for you:

And a couple other kids just generally being cute photos for you:

Simon wearing my glasses

Simon in his big bad race car/ box

And finally, Ethan’s getting so big I feel like crying at times. Where did my baby go?