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Loving LOAD

I signed up for LOAD (LayOut A Day) again this month. It looks like Lain and Tami will be running this in May and October as well. I encourage you to sign up for the challenge. There’s something very satisfying about having a new page to show the kids everyday. Ethan especially loves seeing what I’ve done.

Here’s what I’ve managed to do so far:

LOAD2010 Feb Day 1
I used some old digital supplies from Creating Keepsakes’ Kit-Of-The-Month Club for this one. And I scanned the cover of the Happiness Project, a book that I COMPLETELY recommend to everyone, to illustrate the page, along with a photo of myself when I went to one of Pioneer Woman’s signings in NYC in December. I didn’t have time to do a paper page for some reason. Or maybe I just wanted to dabble with photoshop elements. I don’t really remember right now.
LOAD Feb2010 day 2
I used Core’dinations whitewash paper to do this page. It was fun, except for the whole scrap boss from fiskars that I used to make the dry embossed flower and leaf vine was less than 12.” That required some finessing. I love all the way all the disparate papers came together. All from my scrap drawer. I really have to go through those files and purge the absolutely ugly stuff.
LOAD Feb2010 day 3
Part of the Cricut Mother’s Day class I’m putting together at the local JoAnn’s. Email me if you want class information.
LOAD Feb2010 Day 4
Least Common Layout for Library of Memories. Although I could do a place page, I have done travel albums, but not much about all the people I love. I thought I’d try to embarass my brother, the most non-mushy person I know.
LOAD Feb2010 day 5
A quiz from Ella Publishing’s Quick and Creative Quizzes. One sheet of patterned paper from Sassafrass Lass with the border still attached. Leftovers from a set of glitter letter stickers. This was SO fast and easy!
LOAD Feb 2010 Day 6
Template from Barb Wong, a fellow LOADster. More papers from CK’s KOTM. My second digital page for the month.
LOAD Feb 2010 Day 7
Mom got me a 3 month subscription to Little Red Scrapbook’s Monthly Kit. This is the first page I’ve done with the kit supplies. I’m really liking the little chipboard Amercan Crafts frames. I cut one apart to make the brackets around Simon’s face.
LOAD Feb 2010 Day 8
So the prompt for this day was to scrapbook a pile. I have to admit I have taken a few pictures of the piles of laundry I do, but I didn’t have any printed. So I used my last piece of 4×6 photo paper to print one-and was rewarded with the odd line down the lefthand side of the photo. I decided I was going to use it anyway, and added some flourish stamps and distressed the whole thing.
LOAD Feb 2010 Day 9 page 1LOAD Feb 2010 Day 9 page 2
I used my category drawers to pull together all these photos for Simon in various boxes and bins. It sort of a defining characteristic.
LOAD Feb 2010 Day 10
Since I only have about three pages about Jonathan, I thought I’d do another, with random bits of trivia on assorted tags. I’d like to put a dent in the tags and labels I have. I don’t use them as much as I thought I would when I got them.
LOAD Feb 2010 Day 11
More Core’dinations paper, and more tags. And a quiz from an old Simple Scrapbooks special edition.
LOAD Feb 2010 bonus
Paper leftover from making this year’s classroom valentine’s and one of my favorite pictures of Ethan ever. And a quick letter to him because he was missing a Valentine’s party and a field trip due to Strep. (Everyone in the house but me has it. I’m not sure how that happened, but I’m not looking a gift throat in the mouth.)
LOAD Feb 2010 Day 12
I can’t help it. This is what popped into my head everytime I saw this photo. Don’t tell me you can’t see it.
LOAD Feb 2010 Day 13
I love this photo of my mother and sister. They are truly beautiful here. (And other places as well, it’s just OBVIOUS here.)
LOAD Feb 2010 Day 14
I love the Doodlin’ Around paper stack from DCWV. This is from the stack. It’s got the doodle flowers and circle printed right on there, along with some glitter. I just added some flowers to add some dimension.
LOAD Feb 2010 Day 15
Yes, this is the same photo as the page above. I can’t help it, I absolutely adore this photo of Ethan with Lexy’s dog Lucky. It so perfectly catches the spirit of my not-so-little boy.
LOAD Feb 2010 Day 16
I don’t usually do birthday party pages. That’s just not what I do. But I thought I should use up some of my supplies. Ethan’s eight now, and as you all know, eight is great!
LOAD Feb 2010 Day 17
Some paper from Heidi Grace. All the birds are flocked, so I kept petting the page while I was putting it together. That bottom photo makes me laugh!

LOAD Feb 2010 Day 18

Ethan had company yesterday, so rather than get caught up with paper and glue I re-used the template Barb Wong made, and some brand new digital paper from Songbird Cafe’s Port Au Prince set. (All proceeds from that go to Doctors Without Borders.) And found some flower photos. I have a lot of flower photos. Some of these are on the doors of my craft room cupboard now 🙂

Thanks for looking! I hope I’ve given you some inspiration. Are you telling your story yet?