Monthly Archives: February 2009

In the middle of winter…

Things get a little cold around here. Even our homes freeze over:
(2009 Ice Castle at Saranac Lake.)

Sometimes I don’t know where my kids get it.

There are times when my kids do something that is so very different from myself and my husband that I wonder where the impulse originates. Take for example, peas. I really don’t like them, and neither does Jonathan. We both can relate stories of swallowing them whole just to get them down as kids. However, Simon loves them. He’ll ask for them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s gotten to the point where we’ll keep a bag of frozen peas (and some green beans, too) on hand for whenever Simon’s got a hankering for green drops. (As they are called in Charlie and Lola.) In fact he asked for them today. Twice.

He loves peas and will gobble them up just like that. How did we find out he liked peas? He asked for them at a restaurant once. And after reading this. Now they’re a staple.

Now, since both Jonathan and I don’t like them, and neither do our mothers, where do you think he got a hankering for them from? I’m betting on his great grandmother K, who, although she made a salad for just about every dinner, never really liked vegetables. Except for peas. She loved peas.

Miss you Grandma.