Monthly Archives: January 2010

Quick idea for photos

I’ve been meaning to do quite a few things around here. Let you know about The Angel Company promotions. When my classes at the local JoAnn’s are. How tos and general what not. But, as you all may have noticed, I’ve been very good at procrastination. (I did start my diet, however, on the 6th. By doing the medifast 5&1 plan I’ve lost 12 pounds so far. Now comes the hard part:staying the course.)

At any rate I’ve got a quick project I wanted to show you, inspired by the wall mural Cathy Zielske’s daughter did as mentioned here.
That’s the before picture. A very dark, and wonderful cherry door that covers the built in cupboard in my scraproom. I’ve been wanting to do something to lighten it up, and add some color (other than red) to the room. The younger Zielske’s idea reminded me of all the flower pics I’ve taken with the macro function on my point and shoot, and I decided the doors would make a perfect frame for my photos. It’s not quite perfect, however, since the interior panel of the door is 9″wide, and 25.5″ tall on the top part, and 13″ tall on the lower panel. That made it a little difficult to use my 4X6 photos, but what I’ve done so far works. I think I may add some cardstock with quotes about flowers and beauty to the staggered side, however. Anyone have any favorites?