On your mark…

I signed up to do a Layout A Day for the month of October. That’s LOAD to you 😉 That’s a scrapbook page every day of October. Even the days I’m teaching, or celebrating my darling sister’s graduation from PA school, or wandering the neighborhood trick-or-treating. Just the idea of this makes me happy, simply because I will have 31 more pages of my story done.
And by my story, I don’t just mean pages about me, although there will be plenty of those, but also pages about my lovely children and my goofy husband and the rest of my wonderful family. The idea of having physical reminders of how much I love these people just fills me with JOY. That is my word for the year–to share joy and spread joy, and find joy in the everyday.
So are you ready? Do you have a story to tell?
Get set…

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