Does this make me a bad person?

So today’s been pretty rotten. I’m sick, I’m tired and grumpy, and I didn’t sleep well. (Okay who’s playing the world’s smallest violin? Louder now!)

The point is that I’m not dealing well with being a Mom today, ie telling my 3-year old to stop crying because it’s just a scrape on top of the scrape he got yesterday, and keep walking cos I can’t walk dog, and carry him and keep his big brother going too when I’m sick. It’s just pain! Suck it up and deal.

Anyway, after dinner we go outside and play with chalk on the sidewalk. The dog tries to eat some chalk, and in playing keep away, I notice the chalk leaves nice bright lines on his black coat. So I write DOG on both sides of Connor, and am beset by helpless giggles.

Does that make me a bad person?

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