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Welcome blog-hoppers to the land of random posts, and too long videos!


Sorry. I’ve been staring at iMovie all evening, and I think it’s made me a bit loopy.

If you’re blog-hopping, you should have just come from Alison C.’s blog. If you’re starting here, don’t forget to check out everyone else’s blogs.

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Heather D. Β (wait that’s me, you’re already here!) (Welcome!)

Danielle H.

I’m not going to tell you how to prepare. I’ve already done that. Most of you are old hands at LOAD by now anyway. You’ve all found your way to LOAD in one way or another, and found a very welcoming community. You’ve figured out how to make it work for you, and why you keep coming back to this fun and rewarding challenge.

You’ve got this challenge mastered.

That’s wonderful.

There’s more though. Have you gone back and looked at how LOAD has changed you? Or, perhaps to be more specific, how LOAD has changed your scrapbooking? I thought it might be interesting, and put together this slide show of most of my stuff. It’s not everything, not by a long shot, but it is a significant chunk. It’s interesting to see the evolution from my very simple first page, through Cathy Zielske’s Design Your Life and Everyone Can Write a Little classes, and Stacy Julian’s Library of Memories class, to my first of many LOAD challenges.

They’re all in there. Please forgive the length and the endlessly repeating piano loop. It was either that or banjos. That’s what I had to work with in iMovie.

You may want to go visit Danielle H. first, and then come back to watch this. The piano may put you to sleep.

26 thoughts on “Style Review aka S.H.O LOAD blog hop

  1. Alison Charlton

    Brilliant Heather! Im not a wild fan of banjo’s so Im pleased you went for the piano!!!! Fantastic LO’s – really beautiful work – it was worth all that effort – thanks so much for sharing!!!!

    1. Heather

      Isn’t that the case with every little kid who wants to touch a butterfly, and then has one on him? And I, of course, did not rescue him from said butterfly, but took pictures instead πŸ™‚

  2. Kelli

    Oh my goodness! I remember all those CZ sketches!! I didn’t realize we were in that class together! It forever changed my scrapbooking, along with LOM and Lain. 2010 was quite the year for my scrapbooking! Great take on the blog hop, Heather!

    1. Heather

      I don’t think we were in class together. I did CZ’s class in 2008, LOM & ECWL in spring of 2009, and then found Lain and LOAD in October 2009 through Write.Click.Scrapbook. Thank goodness Write.Click.Scrapbook, and Angie Lucas started blogging after Simple closed. I would have been lost and lonely in the scrapbooking desert without them and Big Picture.

  3. Danielle Hunter

    Another awesome LOAD blog hop post (I remember the others)! Yes, I totally agree, LOAD has been a life-changer. It has made me a better scrapbooker AND connected me with you and so many others. You make me want to do my own video…not sure if I’ll make it 8 minutes though πŸ˜‰

    1. Heather

      What’s really sad is that it started out at over 20 minutes! 4 seconds a slide was just too long, so I cut that in half, and then tried to edit out the pages that didn’t help show the evolution. It’s still too long. I need to step away and look at it again at some other point to gain some perspective, but I had some time constraints yesterday πŸ™‚

  4. LCSmithSAVED

    Oh, that was amazing! I have mine on my computer screen at work & have them playing all the time so this was very fun to see yours – and thanks for choosing the piano & NOT the banjos, lol! I especially remember a fave of mine (seen at 7.37) Have loved getting to know you through LOAD & SH <3

    1. Heather

      Thanks Alison! Sometimes I think the only people who really appreciate my scrapbooks are my sister and her husband. I’ve been getting a lot of eye-rolling re: scrapbooks from the peanut gallery lately.

  5. Claire

    Great to see the ‘evolution’ of your scrapping, Heather – thanks for sharing that! I still like the clean and simple pages (like some of your first ones), but realise we have so many more tools, gizmos and gadgets that change simply had to happen! LOAD and ScrapHappy have made me feel so much more a part of my hobby, too – I am a solitary scrapper in my area!

  6. Heather

    Thanks Claire! You’re probably referring to the ones I did for Cathy Zielske’s Design Your Life class, vs. the ones I did where I was experimenting with Nic Howard inspired techniques.
    I love CZ’s style, but I came into scrapbooking from the world of stamping, so I like techniques as well. I’m still experimenting with adding techniques, but not turning it into a hodge-podge mess. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.


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