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Goodbye Thomas

Good bye thomas, originally uploaded by Heather’s treasures.

I packed away the Thomas trains after Christmas. Ethan hasn’t played with them for months, and while Simon loves the movies and books still, he hadn’t pushed a train around in months either.

I think I was the saddest to see them go. Ethan used to pore over the Thomas catalog, and obsess over the various trains that weren’t yet in his collection. He didn’t get them all (although you wouldn’t know it by the picture I used) but a train and some kind of track or building every birthday and Christmas for 6 years really adds up. And then after Ethan felt like he was too old for Thomas, he got very excited about buying it for his brother.

Simon, although he loves the stories and movies, never really got into Thomas like Ethan did. He was more into Hot Wheels cars, which he still plays with.

So the trains are in the attic. I’m saving them, with the hope that one day Ethan and Simon will have kids of their own, who will love Thomas as much or more than they did.

Git’er done!

LOAD 211 13, originally uploaded by Heather’s treasures.

I just thought I’d walk you through how I put together this page. While it’s nothing perfect, it’s a pretty solid page, and my process might help someone else get their own pages done.

I started by picking a photo storage binder at random. It just happened to be from the first half of 2008. I thumbed through it and came across these photos. I’ve already used them in a vacation mini-book, so they were ready for some other story. Perhaps, since I’ve been mentally preparing myself to get some writing done, I was reminded of how inspiring the Winchester Mystery House was both as a visual treat, and a story inspiration.

So, photos, then journaling idea, next? Papers! All the botanical details reminded me of the Basic Grey kit I picked up from Michaels last year, so I pulled all the pieces, except for the kraft cardstock and the Making Memories journaling spot, from it. I decided since I had 5 pictures I wanted to use I needed to do a two page LO, and since a 12×24 LO wouldn’t photograph that well, I went with 8.5×11 so I could scan it. I then trimmed the photos to get rid of unnecessary clutter, shuffled them around till I came up with a pleasing arrangement, and then taped the pieces down.

Finally I wrote my journaling, and then added the title. There was a sticker sheet staring me in the face, and I racked my brain to come up with some way I could use something from it. If I don’t use it now, it may never get used. So, once again with the architectural details on my mind, I added the flower and flourish. Looking at it now, I may add more stuff along the right side, and under the hinge photo. Then again I may not. I’m not into second guessing myself.

Hope that was somewhat helpful or interesting! Now back to LOAD!

christmas in nyc

christmas in nyc, originally uploaded by Heather’s treasures.

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with the daily pages. I’m trying to not spend too much time online… Yeah that’s not working out so well.

At any rate, I had fun with a bunch of papers from the December Studio Calico kit. If I sewed on my pages, I would totally have sewed an edge on the black brackety piece of paper.

Oh, and the little tiny “i” and “n” are from some rub-ons I bought in 1988. Yes, 1988. Apparently I knew I was going to want them SOME day.

Concert Buddy

Concert Buddy, originally uploaded by Heather’s treasures.

I’m embracing imperfection. Can you figure out what picky details I’m not happy with?

I am happy that it’s done. And that I found the set list for that evening. It’s hard to keep track of such things with an almost nine year old boy sleeping on your lap.


Unstoppable, originally uploaded by Heather’s treasures.

Today’s prompt was to come up with a title using a song. Rascal Flatts to the rescue!

I love this photo of Ethan. I should blow it up and put it on a wall somewhere. It describes him so well.

A page with no title…

LOAD 211 02, originally uploaded by Heather’s treasures.

But it’s got some memorabilia on it–the thank you note my brother and sister-in-law sent after their wedding.

On a sadder note, this is the only photo from their wedding that I have. Our computer was dying, so we backed up all our photos on disc and then Jonathan reinstalled the OS. Unfortunately, he (I should say we) didn’t double check that all the photos had been saved, and we lost 6 months worth of photos, which includes Ross and Nancy’s wedding, and Ethan’s second birthday party. Mom, Jess, Ethan and I made the coolest train cake ever. But I have no record of it.

Which brings me to my final point for today: backup, backup, backup. And throw in some off site archiving as well.

Off to a swimming start!

LOAD 211 01, originally uploaded by Heather’s treasures.

Sorry. I coudn’t resist the pun.

I’ll be updating daily this month, just because I can. I’ll try to add in some interesting content as the month progresses, but mostly this month is all about LOAD. It’s not too late to join in the fun!

Drum Roll Please…

The winner of my giveaway for the LOAD blog hop is Jenny McGee. I’ve emailed her directly. Thanks so much for all your comments. It was so nice to have visitors!

See you in LOAD!

How to Succeed at LOAD Without Really Trying.

***EDITED–The contest is now closed. The winner will be announced shortly.***

Welcome Blog Hoppers!

I hope you’ve been enjoying your trip through LOAD world. At the end of my post, I’ve got a little giveaway, and links to the other blogs participating in today’s blog hop, but first, I’m going to blather on about how I make it through a month of dedicated scrapbooking.

I have to admit, I haven’t had a lot of problems completing a LOAD. There have been days when I’m less motivated than others, and days when I’ve been forgetful or neglectful, but on the whole, LOAD has been fairly easy for me.

Part of the reason I’ve been so successful is my motivation. I’m doing this for ME. Not because I have to, not to win prizes, not to earn the moniker of  “uber-scrapbooker,” but because scrapbooking makes me happy. Seriously, if you approach scrapbooking as a chore, step away from the glue stick immediately. Go do something that makes you happy. Garden. Organize your closets. Play hockey. Whatever you look forward to with enthusiasm. Do it, and find some other way to tell your story. Blog it. Record it on video. Tell your children as many stories as you can stand to tell, and they can stand to hear. Or keep it to yourself. That’s okay, too.You do not HAVE to scrapbook.

So. Anyway.
I am a self-motivated scrapbooker. Think about what motivates you, and then move on. There are a few other things you need to think about and do in order to be ready for LOAD.

Have photos you want to use ready and available. If you’re a digi scrapbooker, make sure they’re organized so you can find what you’re looking for. If you’re a paper fiend like I am, make sure you have plenty of photos on hand that inspire you. I just ordered a bunch of pics from Shutterfly, and they should be here with plenty of time to spare.

Do you like to work with sketches or pre-planned page kits? Have those at your finger tips. Have your paper organized so you can find what you want when you want it. Put your favorite embellishments somewhere you can see them, use them, and be inspired by them. Have tools that you use all the time closer to your workspace than things you only use occasionally.

You do not have to go shopping. What you have will work fine. Unless you hate it. And in that case, why are you holding on to it in the first place?

Make sure you have lots of adhesive on hand.

And then on the first day of LOAD, scrapbook. Make one page. Make two pages. Make a mini book. Go wherever your muse leads you. You do not have to follow Lain’s prompts. They can be fun to do, but if you’re not feeling the inspiration, find your own. You are a scrapbooker. You are creative. And you can do this.

Do not make excuses for why you can’t scrapbook. Put scrapbook time on your to-do list. If you’re a technique heavy person, work on pages in stages, with one page in the works, while you finish another page. You don’t need to do your scrapbooking all at once. 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, really add up.

Commit. If you’re one of those scrapbookers who shuffles things around on your page for days before taping it down, give yourself a time limit, and stick with it. Perfection is overrated. And don’t look back until LOAD is over. What you get done will amaze and delight you.

Don’t forget to upload. Take a picture or scan your layout. Check out the pages of other people who have already uploaded. Share some love, and comment. Don’t worry if your picture is blurry. Ask for help on the message boards if you need it. We all want you to succeed.

What it all boils down to is this: Organize your supplies in the way that you use them, and make scrapbooking a priority. It’s not just a reward for getting all your other chores done. (And really, when are all your other chores actually done?) It’s something that you need for yourself. The latest Paperclipping Round table episode talks about that idea at some length. If you aren’t sure about how to organize yourself, LOAD will be a great way for you to figure that out. By scrapping every day, you will be more aware of how you look for things, and you’ll be able to organize yourself after it’s done. I don’t recommend organizing during LOAD, however. While that can be fun, the goal is to make pages, not think about making pages. 😉

 I’ve got a little giveaway for you. Five 2-page layout kits from Creating Keepsakes, a 6×6 mini chipboard album, and a sticker maker from Xyron. I’ll include a copy of the assembly instructions for you, in case you want to make your life easy and scrap fast! Here’s what I used my mini album for. I’m sure you can come up with a creative use yourself.

To win, just leave a comment, and I’ll choose a random winner on Wednesday, the 26th.

Now, on with your journey!


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Danielle T.



Why I LOAD (and you should too!)

Let me take you back to the fall of 2009. I had been hearing about LOAD (LayOut A Day for any non-scrappers out there) from people at Big Picture Scrapbooking (now Big Picture Classes) and through various social media sources. Everyone who had taken part raved about how productive and inspired they were during the month-long sessions.

I was intrigued. My productivity had fallen off, mainly due to the unexpected death of my mother-in-law that spring. I hadn’t fully completed any classes I was taking at BPC or since then, and was feeling a bit disappointed in myself. I needed a challenge. A goal. A plan of action.

LOAD to the rescue!

I wasn’t sure what to expect that first day, but I knew what page I had to do first. I’d been mulling over a page about meeting Whoopi Goldberg for days. I took advantage of the wide-format printer that my mother had given me, and printed the title and journaling directly on a piece of patterned paper. A few images snagged from the internet, and I had my first page for LOAD done. I took a picture of it, uploaded it to Flickr, and went on with my day.

I am a rather solitary scrapbooker. I am not a joiner by nature. I don’t have friends who understand how cool scrapbooking is. So it came as something of a surprise when I went back later, and had comments and compliments about my layout. I had feedback! I wasn’t alone!
This LOAD thing was awesome.

October 2009 LOAD

 As the month went along my stack of pages grew and grew. My kids eagerly read each page. They helped me choose topics. Simon even helped me put together one of two mini books I completed that month. (He loves buttons and flowers, just so you know.) I got so much DONE! And my family appreciated what I did. The housework didn’t suffer any more than usual. Everyone was fed, and got to bed and school at reasonable times. And I was happier. I was getting creative every day, and feeling more inspired as the mess on my desk piled up. The people on the message board were supportive, and funny, and generous. I spent as much time as I could commenting and spreading the love around as well. I couldn’t find a single downside to the whole process.

I still haven’t.

February 2010 LOAD

I’m hooked. I love the people who sign up, who take the leap and ATTEMPT to push themselves creatively. There is no failure in LOAD, even if you don’t finish a single page. There’s only the certainty that you have tried, and you have completed more than you would have if you didn’t take that jump.

If the idea of doing a layout each day flummoxes you, if you can’t imagine finding the time or the inspiration to make a scrapbook page, you’re in luck. The theme for this month’s prompts is all about inspiration. Every day you’ll get a link to a little prompt with ideas to get you scrapbooking, just in case you have no idea where to start. There will be interviews with Stacy Julian, founder of Big Picture Classes, Julie Comstock, president and designer for Cosmo Cricket, digital designer Anna Aspnes, and Page Maps author Becky Fleck. There will be camaraderie, and sharing of the ups and downs of life as a dedicated scrapbooker. And you WILL get more done than if you hem and hah and dither and live in the world of CAN’T instead of CAN.

May 2010 LOAD

To encourage you, and give you some ideas on how to prepare for a month of scrapbooking goodness, I and a bunch of other LOAD alums as well as Lain are hosting a blog hop Monday, January 24th, beginning at 10am eastern. I might even scrounge up a giveaway from my crazy stash. Join us!

And I said I wasn’t a joiner.

Two ways to sign up: click on the LOAD 211 link on the top right (I’ll get a portion of your sign-up fee) or click right here. (And leave me out of it.) Either way works, and both lead to FUN! Hope to see you there!

October 2010 LOAD

 What are you waiting for?